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When deciding to sell your house, the idea of curb appeal can make a huge difference. It’s the first impression that people make about your home, and it can have a lasting effect on an entire walkthrough, no matter how the rest of it goes. Despite common knowledge, you don’t have to spend a fortune sprucing up the curb appeal of a house. There are a number of key areas to target that can make all the difference, and each one has varying degrees of expense levels, depending on how much you want to spend.

Take a few steps back and pretend you are viewing your house for the first time from a distance. Either approach it by car or on foot, as long as you take a good, long look. Imagine you are a stranger who might be interested in living in your home. Look at anything that stands out as either unbalanced with the rest of the scene, or just seems aesthetically unappealing to you. 

The first rule of thumb is to fix anything obvious that appears to be broken. This includes anything from broken shutters to a crooked mailbox or peeled paint. Most of these repairs can be done at a minimal cost to you and they really are the make or break types of issues that matter.

The next area to tackle is cleanliness. This goes for inside the home, of course, but it also applies to the rules of curb appeal. Power washing your driveway and exterior of your home gives it a fresh, wow factor that’s almost as good as a fresh coat of paint. There are cleaners you can hire if you don’t own any power washing equipment. In addition, it’s easy to rent a unit to save even money. 

Lawn care is a must-do. This includes pulling any weeds and mowing the lawn. It’s amazing how much of a difference a scoop of mulch makes. You can have it delivered and spread it yourself to save even more money.

Little extra touches like potted plants are another way to draw peoples’ eyes to the right places. Points of entry are especially effective. Staggering different heights of plants is also a welcoming arrangement next to doorways or alongside outdoor steps.

Whether you’re focusing your efforts on landscaping or painting, the prospect of doing it yourself will always save you money in both the long- and short-term.